Who can sign the petition for recall?

To be a qualified petition signer you must be an eligible Fargo Public Schools voter:

  • U.S. Citizen
  • 18 years old
  • Resident of the precinct at least 30 days preceding any election

Use this website to verify that your residential address is within the Fargo Public School District boundaries: https://vip.sos.nd.gov/wheretovote.aspx

Can I sign the petition online?

No. North Dakota requires a wet signature (when a person uses a pen to sign a physical document).

For which school board members are you collecting signatures?

Jim Johnson

Dr. Tracie Newman

Seth Holden

Nikkie Gullickson

How many signatures are needed for each of the above board members?

Jim Johnson – 4,144 signatures are needed.

Dr. Tracie Newman – 4,144 signatures are needed.

Seth Holden – 4,144 signatures are needed.

Nikkie Gullickson – 4,144 signatures are needed.

I am employed by Fargo Public Schools, can I sign?

Yes, if you are an eligible voter for Fargo Public School District.

Do I have to sign the petition for all four school board members?

No, each school board member will have a separate petition. If you want to sign for one or all four, it is your choice.

Will you be hosting events where I can sign the petition?

Yes, please go to the Events page for further information.

Do you have permanent petition signing locations as well?

Yes, we have partnered with great location businesses where you can go and sign petitions. Check out our Sign the Petition page.

I have many friends and family members that want to sign the petition, can I help collect signatures independently?

Yes, please see the section “I want to Help Collect Signatures” on the Sign The Petition page.

When does signature collection begin?

June 8th, 2021.

Do you accept donations?